Blue Bulls Company Supports Nature Conservation

May 20, 2014
Blue Bulls Company Supports Nature Conservation

The Blue Bulls Company (Pty) Ltd is proud to announce their alignment with South African National Parks (SANParks). This relationship will further enhance the brands commitment and support for SANParks efforts with events, activities and competitions to educate, raise awareness and help raise funds to protect our natural heritage.

These initiatives will be made possible through collaboration with the Wild programme/network of Conservation partners that include SANParks which manages some 22 parks across the country and the Wild Programme, Cape nature, Swazi BGP, EKZN Ezemvelo Wildlife and Msinsi.

Together the conservation networks represent one of the most comprehensive conservation efforts to provide a unified engagement with the public. The Wild Card provides unparalleled value with access to over 80 parks and reserves in Southern Africa.

The Vodacom Bulls have always been at the forefront of innovation with initiatives that touch the very heart of our community.  Barend van Graan, CEO of the Blue Bulls Company (BBCo), explained, “It was a ‘natural’ decision to align ourselves with conservation as many of our supporters love nature and the outdoors. Another factor that influenced our decision was the recent spate of poaching activities, and the continued destruction of habitat around us.”

In response to this SANParks Acting CEO, Abe Sibiya said that he is delighted with this partnership and encourages more South Africans to get on board. “One of the biggest challenges to conservation in the 21st Century is rhino poaching and without the help of all people we will not win this war. Thank you Blue Bulls Company for joining the conservation effort to help save the rhino and conserve our natural heritage for future generations.”

The Camouflage rugby kit will serve as a powerful reminder of the daily battle for survival in our parks and reserves. Most of our supporters spend their holidays in the parks and there is a real sense of passion and concern for the wellbeing of our natural heritage.

It is a well-known fact that Rhino poaching has become a horrific problem, but very few people know of other species that are facing far worse odds on the red list. With this in mind we felt we owe the future generations the chance to know some of these species.  Our actions and efforts today will be the only thing standing between our grandchildren being able to see a specie or only read about it in historical documents.

The BBCo and WILD will be embarking on a number of initiatives and events ranging from activities that will promote and educate the customers to a call for action among the Vodacom Bulls fan base to get more involved in conservation.

The Camouflage Couch will be a strong feature at all the games at Loftus giving the ultimate fan the best seat in the house. The BBCo looks forward to a long and prosperous relationship with SANParks.



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