New paper on crop-specific spatial N2O emissions estimates

May 19, 2016
New paper on crop-specific spatial N2O emissions estimates

A new study appearing on-line today in Global Change Biology entitled “Spatially explicit estimates of N2O emissions from croplands suggest climate mitigation opportunities from improved fertilizer management.”

In this paper, the authors produce the first sub-national, crop-specific global maps of N2O emissions associated with synthetic and manure N fertilizer application to crops.  The results can be used to help target management and policy interventions to help meet commitments made last year in Paris.  Authors estimate circa 2  000 global emissions of 0.66 Tg N2O-N  – substantially lower than previous estimates which did not include manure.

Other notable improvements:

The authors created a non-linear model for N2O emissions from rice production,

differentiating flooded and upland management practices.   The authors incorporated over 600 data points from recent field studies in addition to the datapoints compiled by Stehfest and Bouwman.

The authors used data on manure management practices to generate spatially-explicit crop-specific maps of manure N application to crops, and mapped flooded and upland rice production.

The paper can be accessed at

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