Show leadership on climate, west told

Jun 10, 2013
Show leadership on climate, west told

Caption: left Nagmeldin Elhassan head of the Sudanese delegation chat to a delegate during the on going climate talks in Bonn

BONN, Germany – Developing countries have said the key to having a successful climate agreement by 2020 is for the West to show leadership.

In an interview Nagmeldin Elhassan head of the Sudanese delegation on behalf of the Like Minded Developing Countries (LMDC), reminded developed countries that the key to having a successful climate agreement after 2020 rested on them showing leadership and ambition before agreement can be reached.

The on-going climate talks – which have two streams – opened in the Germany capital on Tuesday. The first work stream is tasked to negotiating a post-2020 agreement, while the second will focus on talks about “increasing developed country ambition before 2020”.

Elhassan said the LMDC urged developed countries to take the lead “immediately by increasing their 2020 greenhouse gas reduction and ratifying the second round of commitments under the Kyoto Protocol”.

The LMDC also called on increased levels and “certainity of financial support” for developing countries through the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change and “increase ease of access to climate technologies for developing countries”.

“Urgent action is needed now to address the climate change crisis and to protect the integrity of Mother Earth under the convention,” said Elhassan.

He added: “Our developing countries of the LMDC are well aware of the urgency and, in our own national contexts, are doing a large number of climate change mitigation and adaptation actions to implement the Convention.

“We would like remind developed countries that leadership is about taking responsibility and not making excuses or conditions. Had developed countries shown leadership in the past, negotiations to a future agreement won’t be this difficult.”

Added Ramiro Ramirez, head of the Venezuela delegation: “The EU, for instance, is a good example of a developed country that has the potential to lead. It is, however, difficult for us to understand why the EU does not increase its 2020 emissions reductions plan when they have now achieved their 2020 target. In fact, it only makes more sense for them to make their greenhouse gas emissions target more ambitious. This would help build trust and goodwill in the talks.”

The LMDC includes Sudan, Venezuela, Egypt, Mali, India, China, Malaysia, Iran, India, Cuba, El Salvador, the Phillippines, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka, Dominica, Nicaragua and Ecuador.

Said Elhassan: “Despite development and poverty alleviation challenges, developing countries are already doing more than their fair share on climate action. The only missing ingredient for the world to avoid irreversible climate disaster is leadership from developed countries.” Bonn 2013 coverage was made posible by the Food, Agriculture, Natural Resource, Policy Analysis Network (FANRPAN)

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