Warsaw: On the road to Paris

Oct 31, 2013
Warsaw: On the road to Paris

by Fidelis Zvomuya

In Warsaw Poland , during the up-coming 19th Conference of the Parties (COP19) to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) all developed countries must commit to new and additional public finance for the period 2013 – 2015, in a way that is transparent and comparable a newly released report said.

Climate Action Network (CAN) said in the report released in October that through a series of decisions adopted at COP17 in Durban, South Africa, countries reaffirmed their resolve to tackle climate change.

The report titled Warsaw: On the Road to Paris challenged developed countries to commit to a road map to reach US$100 billion of global public finance per year by 2020.

CAN said this must further be built on those decisions at COP 18 in Doha, Qatar. This resolve is yet to be put into action as global emissions continue to push the world towards warming of 4 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels by the end of this century the Climate Action Network (CAN) Europe said in a report.

At the Warsaw climate summit, developed countries need to provide clarity on how they intend to meet their $100 billion by 2020 commitment. In this context, CAN-I organizations are supporting the following actions at COP 19 as essential steps toward an agreement in 2015.

The report titled Warsaw: On The Road to Paris released in October 2013 said there have been devastating impacts of climate change across the world in the form of super storms, floods, droughts and enhanced extreme weather events.

“Climate change impacts are costing countries scarce financial resources while the global economy continues facing a major downturn. Impacts are addressed temporarily as the root cause remains unaddressed,” CAN’s report said.

The report added that lack of political will continues to be the key impediment crippling progress in the UNFCCC. “Inadequacy of financial resources has hampered ambitious mitigation actions. It has also slowed down effective operationalisation of mechanisms meant to help the world cope with impacts of climate change. Key issues such as equity as well as loss and damage wait to be addressed adequately,” it added.

CAN is a coalition of 120 NGOs working in Europe to limit dangerous climate change. The organisation wishes to remind parties that a climate safe pathway for 2/1.5°C is still feasible and nations must strive for it at COP 19 in Warsaw. “They only have the luxury of two more COPs to commit to a climate agreement in 2015. Time is of essence and there are still many unresolved issues – lack of trust between countries being the prominent one.”

The organisation said COP 19 should be used to start working towards a fair, ambitious and legally binding climate plan for the world. It suggests that COP 19, as a priority, should address short-term mitigation ambition and the financial gap. This will help build trust amongst parties and create a positive momentum towards a post 2015 climate regime.

“We are unlikely to win a new agreement that is applicable to all if developing countries have not seen increased action on finance in the period leading up to the 2015 agreement,” the report said.

(Africa Green Media will be covering COP 19 in Poland through funding from FANRPAN: Please visit FANRPAN on www.fanrpan.org)

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